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Software Studio Based in UK & Egypt

delivering creative products to the market.

From the name app-enza we take good care of your ideas and investment to deliver you an impressive apps , take a look at the website and you gonna see very good examples of what we can offer you. So we had to create a new set of development services.

Mobile & Web Development

We are masters in using cross platform tech to deliver a cost effective solution, We push ourselves to the limits in utilizing JavaScript, Angular JS and Cordova to deliver high performing applications.
Our team has extensive experience in delivering tech with WordPress, Angular JS, Ionic, Cordova, React Native, NodeJS, .NET Core and More

Hire Remote Developer

Our service is Fast, Low Cost but with a unique values, We hunt and look for the best candidate to fit your culture and goals, you can manage him directly from our offices with multiple remote managment tools
Starting from $1,400 per month
We will hunt for you

As A Service

FROM A BUSINESS IDEA TO A COMPANY It is not about outsourcing web development, or outsourcing marketing, or outsourcing sales , management, It is involves internal and external resources in the process. This model is characterized by strong vertical integration with control of stakeholders.
We give you the integrated whole package!


Five techniques
to deliver the app

We feel the beauty

Our Mother nature is so beautiful teaching us to feel the beauty before every step


Experienced engineering

Humans are unique mix of simplicity and complexity, offering them the best experience is what we aim to


if we going to do, do it right

No matter how complicated nor sophisticated, It will be done with the best quality


agile mindset

We work with Agile methodologies. Our process is influenced by Scrum, Kanban and XP, taking the core principles and leaving behind some of the more prescriptive doctrine so that we are able to tailor our process for the project and client we’re working with.

Our processes are designed to make our team more efficient, more focused, and more consistent. The more efficient we are, the faster we get results; the more folks we have the ,better the code; and the more consistent we become the more predictable our output and accurate our planning.


focus on the MVP

Our team focuses as cross functional team
on working closely with the product owner
to have a clear definition of the
MVP ( Minimum Viable Product ) whether the story goes in or will be washed out.

Startup Factory

Startup As Service

We believe that good ideas needs support to thrive and take its chance in the market. So, we don't put the cost of developing a barrier to push the idea into the market so we offer inkind services that enables appenza to incubate the idea and put it into the market.

  • If you have a new idea , that will generate revenue
  • You don't have a technical partner or technical capability to execute it
  • You don't have sufficient funds
  • We offer you CTO as a service
  • We offer you a product manager as a service
  • Sponsored prices for Startups
  • We take equities

We started INKUBATION 2015,

successfully we are launching these


Take a look on ideas worth investment



AURORA Launched a new learning management system on the market, running live since 2015 with 2,000 users and more than 15,000 user generated content.



We believe that when the market went digital we lost the window shopping experience. TapDeal embraces the value of browsing and window shopping through your screen. Also, it adds the flavor of recommending user networks and bartering.



The first marketplace for buying/selling tickets online in the middle east. Integrating multiple payment gateways enabling users to buy and sell tickets online, we believe that Tazkarah will be a powerful market player which we plan to



Our [software] integrates healthcare data from IMS and sales data from ERP and emerge them in an intelligent business software integrated with google maps that produce all the Geo data CEO’s need to know displayed on a Map about market share, production


AZ Essay

US Based startup focusing on uberizing the technical writer job. it provides a platform to enable users to post jobs and service providers to bid and get paid on a full collabritive workspace.

Throughout our partnership
with eTurn Logo & E4Energy UK we acquired new partners

We understand that our growth and eminence are based directly on thesuccess of our clients, we sincerely cherish being their chosen partner and that is why we aim to provide critical added value to our clients.

Partners Logos

We focus on hiring and retaining talented, collaborative engineers self organized and who see the client behind the code



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Don't Panic, We Are Here.

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